Treatment of patients with recurrent and metastatic forms of breast cancer

Ivankova V.S., Baranovska L.M., Stoliarova O.Yu., Ivankova O.M., Khrulenko T.V.

Summary. Aims. Study of the effectiveness of chemoradiation treatment of patients with recurrent and metastatic forms of breast cancer. Materials and methods. The article shows the possibility and effectiveness of using chemoradiation therapy in 53 patients with recurrent and metastatic forms of breast cancer, who in the anamnesis underwent a course of treatment according to a radical program (combined or chemoradiation on the background of hormone therapy) for locally advanced breast cancer. Results. Depending on the localization of recurrence, metastases, and treatment tactics, patients are divided into 3 groups: 12 patients of the 1st group, with local recurrences in the chest area, underwent remote radiation therapy and 4 courses of polychemotherapy according to the TR scheme (paclitaxel 175 mg/m2 + carboplatin 250 mg/m2). Patients of the 2nd group, with metastases in the brain (15 patients), were prescribed temozolomide in a radiomodifying dose of 75 mg/m2 daily during the course of remote radiotherapy to the neurocranium, and after a 4-week break — 6 courses of temozolomide in the monotherapy regimen according to the standard scheme Patients of the 3rd group with metastatic lesions of the skeleton (26 patients) underwent remote radiation therapy against the background of the use of bisphosphonates. Conclusions. The presented methods of chemoradiation therapy for patients with recurrent and metastatic breast cancer have moderate toxicity and a favorable safety profile, which positively affects the quality of life of these patients.

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