Modern approach to treatment of children with prognostically unfavorable forms of soft tissue sarcoma

Shida E.V.

Summary. Soft tissue sarcoma — heterogeneous group of tumors that takes 6–8% of all oncological diseases in children and fifth place in Ukraine. More than 60% of patients with soft tissue sarcoma are children with unfavorable prognosis groups (high and very high risk). These groups include patients with alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma and «adult type» sarcomas, also children with the disease stage IV. The survival rates of patients with unfavorable prognosis of soft tissue sarcomas do not exceed than 15–35%. According to modern ideas, increased survival of children prognostically unfavorable soft tissue sarcoma associated primarily with the development and introduction into clinical practice of new, more intensive programs of cytostatic therapy. Question about expedient of using method support of peripheral blood stem cell during the second line chemotherapy with unfavorable prognosis of soft tissue sarcoma is insufficient.
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