Number Т. 10, № 3-4 (39-40)

Author :   Gaysenko A.V.

The population cancer screening in Ukraine. Medical and social feasibility. Practical aspects of improving the quality cancer prevention
Authors: Gaysenko A.V. Michailovich Y.I. Zhurbenko A.V. Tretyakova T.M. №5 (1) 2012 / Review: 4820
Контингенти хворих на злоякісні новоутворення в україні — оцінка повноти та якості інформаціїEvaluation of completeness and quality of data about cancer patients registered under follow-up in Ukraine
Authors: Fedorenko Z.P. Gaysenko A.V. Gulak L.O. Ryzhov A.Yu.... №3 (3) 2011 / Review: 1
European perspective for assessment of the costs and cost-effectiveness of cancer therapies in Ukraine
Authors: Michailovich Y.I. Gaysenko A.V. №2 (2) 2011 / Review: 2
Comparison characteristics of damage from cancer in urban and rural population of Ukraine
Authors: Schepotin I.B. Fedorenko Z.P. Gaysenko A.V. Gulak L.O.... №1 (1) 2011 / Review: 3658