Evaluation of follow-up rates of patients with cancer of female reproductive organs in Ukraine

Fedorenko Z.P., Gulak L.O., Gorokh Ye.L., Sumkina O.V., Kutsenko L.B.

Summary. The evaluation of level of the dispensary clinical examinations of population with cancer and calculation of follow-up rates has been carried out in the National Cancer Registry of Ukraine in 2016 for the first time. The follow-up rate was a proportion of patients with the date of the last contact in 2015 of those with vital status «under follow-up» in their registration card. The study included 401 585 women who were under the surveillance of the Ukrainian oncological institutions at the end of 2015 diagnosed with cancer in 1950–2015. It was established that the vital status of patients with breast cancer diagnosed in 1950–1999 was registered as «under follow-up» in 2015 only in 44.8% of patients. Even for patients with a later date of diagnosis (2000–2014), the follow-up rate did not exceed 52.3%. The level of follow-up of patients with female genital cancer as a whole (1950–2015) was 55.7%, including 48.2% of patients with cancer of corpus uteri and 50.3% of patients with cancer of cervix uteri, for patients with ovarian cancer and cancer of vulva it was 48.9 and 44.0%, respectively. In the total cohort with diagnosis of 1950–1999, this rate did not exceed 41.3%; that is, almost 60.0% of these patients did not undergo the oncological medical examination in 2015 and there is no information about their vital status in this year. The lowest level of follow-up was in patients with vulvar cancer (34.7%) and ovarian cancer (39.2%); in patients with the most frequent female genital cancers — corpus uteri and cervix uteri — these levels did not exceed 41.1 and 42.3%, respectively. The study revealed nonobservance of the rules for dispensary surveillance of cancer patients and insufficient information about their current vital status. The results of the study contribute to obtaining reliable data about the burden of cancer in the population, which is necessary for determining the priorities in cancer control in Ukraine.
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