Prognosis of platinum-resistance: from theoretical models forward to clinical algorithm

Kolesnik O.O., Rybin A.I.

Summary. The study was aimed to develop the algorithm for predicting platinum resistance in patients with ovarian cancer. It has been shown that as parameters for the prediction of platinum resistance could be used the genetic burden (the presence of the mutant alleles of the BRCA1 5832insC and BRCA2 6174delAG polymorphisms in the hetero- and homozygous variants, microsatellite instability), the high activity of cyclins D and E, the increase in the level of catecholamines, the high level of NO expression, the level of hyperuricemia, the activity of expression of receptors for epidermal growth factor, and the activity of CAS 20q13. The developed algorithm for calculating the probability of platinum resistance, substantiates the expediency of using a medicamentous correction of existing disregulation disorders.
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