CD44 expression in colon adenocarcinoma

Grabovoy A.N.1, Savchyn T.M., Antonyuk S.A.2, Tarasova T.1

Summary. Colon adenocarcinomas show distinct heterogeneity of CD44 expression. The intensity of expression of CD44+ is independent of tumor grade, but depends on the ploidy, fraction of cells in a tumor expressing CD44% depends on the grade and is independent of the amount of DNA in their nuclei. Derivative of said two parameters (CD44%+) is negatively correlated with the accumulation of DNA in the nuclei of tumor cells. Independently values obtained are weak, which makes use of CD44 expression indices as independent criteria for specification colon adenocarcinoma grade or prognosis. The most pronounced expression of CD44 in the adenocarcinomas cells containing DNA from 2c to 4c can be considered as a pool of the most rich with stem cells and determining the development of the tumor.
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