Genetic factors and their role in the predispozitioned to formation of multiple primary malignancies of the female reproductive system

Paliychuk O.V. 1, Polishchuk L.Z.1, Gorovenko N.G. 2, Rossokha Z.I. 2, Galkin F.M. , Paramonov V.V. 3

Summary. There were conducted the clinical-genealogic and molecular-genetic studies of tumor processes in 47 patients (aged 23 to 83 years) with multiple primary malignancies of the female reproductive system from the families whose relatives (first and second genetic relationship) had cancer. The clinical-genealogic data have proved about hereditary cancer diseases — 12,8% in patients with cancer family syndrome, 6% in patients with cancer of ovarian, cervix or breast. The results of molecular-genetic studies in 8 tumors (18,2%) of 44 examined patients were identified 5382insC in BRCA1 gene and 26472delT in BRCA2 gene mutations. The clinical-genealogic pedigree analysis should be viewed as part of a comprehensive survey in the families with malignant tumor pathology aggregation for determining the genetic risk of cancer in healthy relatives of probands and its prevention in the members of such families.
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