Bisphosphonates in treatment of patients with bone sarcomas

Kovalchuk P.A., Korovin S., Diedkov A.G., Volkov I.B., Boychuk S.I., Kostyuk V.Y., Tihonov V.G.

Summary. The analysis of the effectiveness of the combination of chemotherapy and bisphosphonates in treatment of bone sarcomas was performed. This article presents the results of our research on the therapeutic effect of bisphosphonates. We have assessed the impact of bisphosphonates on pathomorphosis of malignant bone tumors, stability and durability of the reconstruction after surgical resection of bone. The safe use of antiresorptive treatment in combination with chemotherapy is proven. The data analysis suggests that bisphosphonates improve efficiency of treatment of bone sarcoma without increasing the toxicity of the treatment.
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