Nephroprotective therapy after kidney resection

Klimchuk L.V., Lisnyy I.I., Bielka К.Y. , Voylenko O.A. , Vitruk Iu., Stakhovskyi E.O.

Summary. The article presents data on nephroprotective therapy for the surgical treatment of the patients with kidney tumors. Among the mechanisms involved in the formation of nephrosclerosis, a key role is played by angiotensin II. Normalization of blood pressure is essential to prevent nephrosclerosis (both primary and secondary) and the removal of intraglomerular hypertension. This explains the importance of the use of drugs that block the renin-angiotensin system in these patients. The article presents data on the efficacy of drugs for nephroprotective therapy because inhibitors antgiotenzin converting factor, pentoxifylline, mannitol and low molecular weight heparin in patients after kidney resection, diabetic and nondiabetic nephropathy.
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