Modern approaches to adoptive immunotherapy of metastatic skin melanoma patients

Fil’chakov F.V., Korovin S.

Summary. Use the autologous tumor-specific T-lymphocytes excreted from a tumour or peripheral blood can be the powerful immunotherapeutic agent in treatment of metastatic skin melanoma patients. Adoptive transfer of the melanoma-specific T-lymphocytes activated and propagated out of an organism in a combination to high doses of interleukin-2 (IL-2) has allowed to achieve the objective answer on therapy in 50–70% of metastatic skin melanoma patients. Practical methods of reception of enough quantity of the activated T-lymphocytes in vitro are resulted in the review. The critical analysis of a complex of preparatory measures for more effective realisation of antitumor potential of adoptive transferred T-lymphocytes is presented. Clinical-laboratory effects of the chemoradiotherapy promoting it are discussed.
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