Application of dacarbazin in the treatment of generalized skin melanoma

Korovin S., Kukushkina M.M., Palivets A.

Summary. The results of chemotherapy of 60 patients with generalized skin melanoma were analyzed. The patients were treated in National Cancer Institute from 2008 to 2010. Patients were divided in 3 groups; 1 — distant metastasis in skin, hypodermic tissue or non-regional lymph nodes (14 patients), 2 — lung metastasis (21), 3 — metastasis in other visceral organs (25 patients). Patients received 2 courses of chemotherapy with dacarbazin 250 mg/m per 1–5 days of course; interval between courses 21 days. The results were evaluated in a 3 weeks after termination of second course of therapy. In positive cases the courses of chemotherapy were continued. The efficacy of treatment was estimated using criteria REGIST 1.0.
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