Breast sarcomas: statictics, classification and surgical methods of treatment

Nitefor L.V.

Summary. The analysis of patients with breast sarcomas (BS) in Ukraine registered under codes 3227, 3332 and 3235 (ICD-10, C50) was done based on data from 15 regional cancer registries. During the period 2000–2015 it had been registered 383 patients, of whom 379 (99.0%) women and 4 (1.0%) men. The average incidence rate was 0.20 cases per 100 thousand female populations (compared to Belarus — 0.11 and the USA — 0.45). Surgery was performed in 281 (73.4%) patients, including Halsted operation — in 19 (6.8%) patients, Patey — 47 (16.7%) and Madden mastectomies — 54 (19.2%), mastectomy (without adjustment) — 116 (41.3%), breast amputation — 19 (6.8%), breast-conserving operation — in 26 (9.2%) patients. Regional lymphadenectomy in 80.0% of cases appeared prevention. According to the morphological exam in 49.9% cases were angiosarcomas, 24.0% fibrosarcomas, and sarcomas without specifying histotype — 22.2%, leiomyosarcoma — 2.6%, and other — 1.3%. Retrospective analysis of the regional databases of cancer registry showed significant dissociation of statistical data of BS incidence and prevalence of certain histotypes in certain regions, due to the failings of the account, and the presence of subjective factors at diagnosis that was the cause of both hypo- and overdiagnosis of BS. On this basis, we believe that BS verification and improvement of statistical records of these patients is necessary to introduce a single diagnostic algorithm with a combination histological and immunohistochemical methods and using the same clinico-morphological classification.
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