Magnetic resonance imaging in complex radiodiagnostics of bladder cancer

Gavrylyuk O.М., Golovko T.S., Stakhovsky O.E.

Summary. According to the purpose, the systematization of the radial features and definition of the differential diagnostic criteria of the bladder cancer (BC), 85 patients have been examined. Results of the complex radial methods have been analyzed and systematized, as well as using limitations and using features of each method. The conclusion has been drawn, that magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is in fact, the main method of visualization and characterization of the bladder tumor. MRI-features of the invalid BC appear as the evidence of the exophytic intravesical formation or local thickness and change of the signal from the bladder wall; change of signal from the adjacent cellulose; prominence of the external line; extravesical tumorous component. Comparison of diagnostic efficiency (sensibility, specificity, preciseness) radial examination methods in case of the urinary BC, MRI appeared to have the highest index.
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