Use of Propranolol in treatment of hemangiomas of severe localizations in children

Dementieva N.A1, Digtiar V.A.2, Gladkyi A.P.1, Avilov A.Yu.1, Kolomiyec O.M.1, Ashkinazi B.G.1, Romanenko A.A.1, Latsinskaya S.A.3

Summary. Hemangiomas are diagnosed in 0,3% — 12% of infants and can cause severe cosmetic and functional disorders. The opportunity of using of β-adrenergic blocker propranolol in the treatment of problematic hemangiomas in children was studied. 27 children with benign vascular tumors of skeen were treated with propranolol at a dose 2 mg/kg body weight per day divided in three portions. Positive effect — stopping the progression of hemangiomas and reduce their size, thickness and intensity of coloration was observed in all patients with hemangiomas in stage of proliferation and stabilisation. In cases of vascular malformations and the hemangioma, who finished development, any dynamic of state is not revealed. No significant disorders of children’s health, associated with the using of the drug is not registered.
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